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I'm a writer, storyteller, content strategist, thought leadership specialist and occasional dance floor instigator living in Los Angeles. I've helped brands and businesses in SaaS, sustainability, and health & wellness use content and communications to raise their profiles, build wider audiences and increase revenues since 2017. 

From 2016 to 2018, I covered politics, music, and culture debates as a news editor at The Tylt. I was also Writer-At-Large for Cuepoint, the music section of Medium.

I love identifying meaningful, shareable stories, collaborating with creative teams, developing killer thought leadership campaigns, and finding opportunities to use my powers for good. 

You can view my résumé here. Much of my work is done behind the scenes (content marketing, thought leadership, SEO strategy, UX audits) but I've also written extensively under my own byline, as you'll see below.  

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Did The Cops Try To Kill James Brown? Unresolved Questions From The Godfather of Soul's Car Chase

“I never fired at them, or even pointed a gun in their direction, and they still shot at me over and over again,” said James Brown, about his 1988 run from the police, to Al Sharpton.

James Brown is lauded as “The Godfather Of Soul” and “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.” He created funk and in many ways invented modern music. But by the late 1980s, the superstar had fallen on hard times.

Take This Job & Love It: Three Chicago Workplace Cultures Disrupting The Daily Grind

A good company culture is hard to find — just ask the nearly 70% of American workers who describe themselves as disengaged. Most of us have at some point endured a dysfunctional work environment, harassed by nagging Lumberghs, feeling disrespected, dispensable, and skeptical about the very idea of “company culture.”

But creating a genuinely thriving company culture is no hollow exercise. Over at Forbes Magazine, Josh Bersin recently proclaimed culture “the hottest topic in business today.”

Lies My Yoga Teacher Told Me

If you’ve done any time on the mat, you’ve at some point been told to surrender your toxins or melt your heart or make your inner body bright. And though I never asked my students to honor the goddesses that live in their inner thighs, even I cringe recalling some of the silly, nonscience-based claims I subjected people to in my youth.

But there were lines that even as a rookie yoga teacher I knew not to cross. For instance, I never told my st

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The Maneater Manifesto

I throw a Hall & Oates tribute party every year, and every year I get eye rolls and disbelief: “Seriously?” People insist that I “can’t really like them” and dismiss their output as elevator music. Or they assume I’m celebrating them in an ironic, hipsterish, so-dumb-it’s-fun manner—as if I’m throwing a Backstreet Boys or Vanilla Ice tribute.
But Hall and Oates are no guilty pleasure. They are a pleasure in which we should all take great pride.

Paean to Prince: 15 Fascinating Facts About His Purple Majesty

Like most of America, my Prince infatuation began in 1983 with his transcendent, still-awe-inspiring early 80s hits: “Little Red Corvette,” “Delirious,” and “1999.” (I had no idea he’d released four albums previously, and I’m sure I owed my Prince exposure to MTV finally playing videos by Black artists). I vividly recall sitting in a tree in my front yard with a fellow Prince fanatic, trying to calculate how old we would be in 1999, the age of 27 so incomprehensible to our fifth-grade selves.

What I Learned about Lou Reed from One Night in a Velvet Underground Tribute Band

October 27 marks the two-year anniversary of Lou Reed’s death (peace be upon him) and the Internet rightly overfloweth with tributes to his genius. Because everybody worships the Velvet Underground, right? Critics and pop music fans alike genuflect before them as one of history’s seminal rock bands. Even your mom knows and loves “Sweet Jane” (even if she was introduced to it via the Cowboy Junkies cover). Somehow, this dark, avant-garde crew, who disdained mainstream culture, whose front man san

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Could Cannabis Be One Of Our Best Weapons Against The Opioid Epidemic?

It’s been called the “epidemic of epidemics” for good reason: the opioid crisis is the deadliest drug scourge in US history. In 2016, 11.5 million Americans abused opioids, and another two million were fully addicted. 175 Americans fatally overdose on opioids daily. Experts predict that death toll will rise, and that the epidemic could kill more than half a million people in the next decade. A crisis of this magnitude requires action on multiple fronts: reducing the number of opioid prescription

Why the Women of Broad City are the Stoner Heroines We’ve Been Waiting For

Stoner Heroes have been with us since the release of Easy Rider in 1969. The archetype arose with the ’60s counterculture, but much like cannabis itself, the trope evolved into an array of countless strains. When Cheech and Chong’s "Up In Smoke" was released in 1978, it not only invented the stoner comedy genre, it expanded the archetype of the lone Stoner Hero into the even-more-iconic Stoner Duo.

Ophelia Chong's StockPotImages Empowers New Direction in Cannabis Photography

Ophelia Chong needed information about medical marijuana. She was researching its health benefits on behalf of her sister, who suffers from an autoimmune disease. But as Chong looked online, she noticed something: cannabis content featured virtually no images of Asian people.

People of color were largely missing, or portrayed with problematic stereotypes. Seniors and LGBTQ people were also conspicuously absent, and the images of women were all too often sexualized. “No one

Shrooming at the Symphony: How Does Music Affect the Psychedelic Experience?

The American psychedelic movement feels inextricably linked with popular music—whether through the musicians themselves (Pink Floyd, the Grateful Dead, John Coltrane, the Flaming Lips) or the countless musical genres the movement helped inspire. So I was astonished to learn that psychedelic therapy in clinical settings has almost universally incorporated none other than classical music. To me, tripping to Bach and Brahms seemed like a starfish-and-coffee pairing that made no sense. Why not genre

Bowie Flash Mob

I produced a flash mob in honor of David Bowie Is, the first exhibition devoted to David Bowie's extraordinary life. That four-minute art stunt took a year of preparation: recruiting more than 30 mobsters, editing five different songs into a fitting tribute, creating accessible choreography, secretive rehearsals, failed sound system tests, and too many emails too count. But on opening day, my co-conspirators and I marched out onto the plaza of Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art and did the damn thing.

When the staff at the David Bowie Archive got wind of the flash mob, they loved it, and requested all the materials documenting the event for inclusion in the Bowie Archive. ⚡

The Fabulous Ladies of Fitness

FLOF is a DJ / dance collective formed for one mission: building bridges to the dance floor.

Conventional dance floors can be super alienating, for women in particular. My friends and dreamed of a dance party that melded yacht rock, 80s R&B, golden age hiphop, and singalong anthems, with no need for sexy posturing or pressure to play currently charting hits.

We wanted to inject some comedy onto the dance floor, so we offered optional led ironic cardio dance routines throughout the course of the night. While the FLOF  audience is always welcome to just watch and laugh, we are perpetually both amazed and delighted at how many people join in. 🎧